You Are My Destiny Episode 27

Parental Guidance Report Offline

Yeonsil remembers Saebyeok from the fake blind date and is mean to her. Taepung worries about Saebyeok. Taeyeong and Soyeong are almost caught by Yunhui. Yunhui figures out that Taeyeong has a woman. Subin takes Hosae to a restaurant and faints trying to force herself to eat food she’s allergic to. Hosae rushes her to the hospital and realizes that Subin really loves him. Saebyeok gets into Yeongsuk’s good graces. She helps out the guys at Pung Express for a while. She finds an old lady abandoned at one of the houses and takes her to the hospital with Taepung. Taepung and Saebyeok run into Subin and Hosae at the hospital.

source : MyDramaList