You Are My Destiny Episode 32

Parental Guidance Report Offline

Taepung feels bad for Saebyeok. Hosae is about to go insane from Subin’s screaming, his mother’s hysterics, Saebyeok’s cold shoulder, and Taepung, who keeps foiling his every move. Yeonsil is surprised to see Punggeum at the house, but starts badmouthing Saebyeok to get Punggeum to take Subin’s side. Soyeong heads to the hospital with Taeyeong to find the pearl she swallowed. Taepung becomes suspicious of Taeyeong. Subin goes to Daejin’s house, sees the poster Saebyeok put up on the wall, and laughs at Saebyeok. Yeongsuk goes to Minjeong’s house where she stands up for Saebyeok.

source : MyDramaList