You Are My Destiny Episode 33

Parental Guidance Report Offline

Punggeum is angry at Yeongsuk for taking Saebyeok’s side. Minjeong yells at Chilbok to cut all relations with Daejin’s family. Saebyeok and Taepung find out that Soyeong and Yunhui are mother and daughter. Saebyeok is understanding of Taeyeong’s situation. She promises to keep his secret. Hosae tries to get Saebyeok to talk to him but Taepung won’t let him. Yeonsil is harried by her mother-in-law. Yeongsuk encourages Saebyeok to go for her dreams. Touched, Saebyeok visits model houses to get more data and runs into Subin and Hosae.

source : MyDramaList