You Are My Destiny Episode 36

Parental Guidance Report Offline

Subin is hurt instead of Hosae. She’s fine, but pretends to be badly hurt so Minjeong can decide to get her engaged to her son. Yeongsuk comforts Saebyeok, which doesn’t please Punggeum. Daejin’s family loses a lot of money over the logistics accident with Lohas. Taeyeong worries that he can’t explain Soyeong’s situation to his family. Yunhui doesn’t know her mother is dating Taeyeong. She is upset that she is in the way of her mother’s happiness. She is miserable that that’s why she’s told to study abroad. Minjeong and Yeonsil try to go forward with the engagement, which worries Chilbok and Daegu. Hosae announces to his mother that he loves Jang Saebyeok.

source : MyDramaList