You Are My Destiny Episode 37

Parental Guidance Report Offline

Hosae is hurt when Saebyeok turns him down. This breaks Saebyeok’s heart, while Taepung is giddy that she said no to Hosae. Subin is still jealous of Saebyeok. Hosae decides to start being nicer to Subin. Taepung tells Soyeong to stop seeing his brother. Their mother Yeongsuk is still unaware of what’s going on. Saebyeok and Taepung both apologize but the Lohas delivery problem remains unfixed. Punggeum asks Yeongsuk to go to Subin’s house to make cucumber kimchi for them. Yeonsil hides Yeongsuk in her room from Minjeong.

source : MyDramaList