The Adventures of Peter Pan Episode 33 - Luna's Tears! Am I a Witch of Darkness?


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The band decides to capture one of Sinistra's henchmen (to ask them about the white mirror). They suspect the plan and capture Wendy. They trade her with Luna. Peter pursues them, but is distracted by Captain Hook, who suddenly appears. Luna is brought to her grandmother, Sinistra, who tells her that running away is useless and it's time she faces her destiny: to become the new Queen of Darkness. Sinistra finds the location of the amulet by using her Black Mirror, seeing Rascal playing with it. She orders her henchmen to capture Rascal. The henchmen think they have succeeded, and run away with Peter Pan following them. However, Captain Hook appears and wants the amulet back with Rascal (which is, in fact, a dummy). The terrified Henchmen give it to him, and fly the scene. Peter follows them again and then they meet Luna from the opposite direction, who is seeking to destroy Peter Pan.

source : Wikipedia

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