The Adventures of Peter Pan Episode 41 - Goodbye Peter Pan! The Land of Dreams and Adventures


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Wendy and Luna have fallen through the Black Mirror and disappeared inside. In the mean time, Captain Hook has Luna's scepter and starts using magic tricks. After successfully creating a dragon (there were some mess-ups), he and Peter are ready for battle. Inside the mirror, thing are getting tense as well, as Wendy must choose between killing a little girl to free herself from the mirror or being trapped in the mirror forever. To make things worse, that little girl is Luna. In a battle against her inner darkness, Luna frees herself of the evil that was within herself and shatters the Black Mirror, thus turning it into the White Mirror. With the Black Mirror turned into the White Mirror, light returns to Neverland, the Black Castle is turned into the White Castle, Neverland is restored and Hook's dark magic is undone. With peace restored to Neverland, Wendy, John and Michael return home to London. Time passes, however, and Peter doesn't show up. Some time later (it is soon revealed that years that have passed), Peter meets Jane, Wendy's daughter. Peter is disappointed at first, but he decides to bring Jane along with him. Peter is still looking for kids to take to Neverland, so kids should leave their windows open. If they can't, they should at least open a window in their hearts (so that Peter can send them wonderful dreams).

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